CellRev has developed the first commercially viable process to expand adherent cells, filling a gap in the market with our unique solution.

Our technology has compatibility potential with all forms of adherent cells. We are also continuously testing new cell types to assess their compatibility, and reporting on our results.

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Cultured meat and seafood

Our technology holds the key to making cultured meat and seafood a realistic, commercially viable, eco-friendly alternative to conventionally grown meat. 

The possibilities within the cultured meat and seafood industry are almost limitless. 

By creating the optimal environment for adherent cells, we can help produce cheaper products, at scale, without further damaging our fragile ecosystem. Our tech can reduce the industrial footprint of this growing field, while still achieving the scale needed to make it commercially viable.  

As our technology continues to develop, so does our compatibility. This will enable us to cultivate a growing diversity of meat and seafood, catering to different dietary preferences. 


Cell and gene therapies

While our tech can pioneer the food industry, it can also have the same transformative impact on the growing cell and gene therapy (CGT) sector.  

CGTs such as allogeneic cell therapies are developing at a rapid pace. But a lack of new tools and technologies has slowed bringing these treatments to market. 

In 2017, we published a compelling proof-of-concept paper outlining our work with cornea cells.

This paper explores how an early iteration of our technology would work in practice, proving it could be done. We have since scaled up our capabilities and designed an optimal bioprocess to permit commercial scale cell manufacturing. 

Broader cell expansion needs

Our technology has been designed to work with various cell types, substrates, and downstream processes including the development of viral vectors and biologics.  

We can work with a wide variety of media formulations and are continuously validating the technology with new cell lines. To make the most of this pioneering tech, we favour an immortalised cell line, which allows the continuous process at the heart of our tech to reach its full commercial potential. 

Cell Types

At CellRev, we can work with a variety of different cell types including:  





Our technology is compatible with cells spanning everything from animal (bovine, porcine, avian, fish) to human cells, achieving continuous cell detachment. We continue to evaluate cell types and report on our results.  

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