About Us

The first commercially viable process to expand adherent cells

CellRev span out of Newcastle University in 2019 and has since gone on to create a cutting-edge bioprocessing solution to solve many of the challenges associated with scaling up an adherent cell culture process.

The origins of our technology date back to 2017, at which point we published a compelling proof-of-concept paper outlining our work with cornea cells. This paper explores how an early iteration of our technology would work in practice, proving it could be done. Download the paper here.

Our breakthrough solution is founded on the ability to continuously grow, detach, and collect adherent cells. This industry-leading manufacturing solution enables more efficient and affordable cell processing.

Our Vision

The future relies on the success of innovations that seem beyond imagination; our goal is to make them a reality.


Our Mission

We revolutionise cell cultivation with our scalable bioprocessing technology to ensure todays producers can meet tomorrows demands.


Our Values

We Act like Founders

We are not afraid to try, take risks and confront failure. We innovate and look beyond the possible.

Our Work is Fulfilling

We recognise that things don’t always go in a straight line but we energise each other
and have fun along the way.

You & Your Contribution are Valued Equally

We embrace diversity and know that by including everyone, we can move further and faster. We empower and support each other, personally and professionally, to help all be the best they can be.

We Break Down Barriers

When we come up against blockers we find solutions to push on through them. We recognise our successes as they fuel our progress.

We Win Together. Full Stop.

We encourage inter-department collaboration as we know that as one team, we can achieve more. We create an environment that enables healthy open debate.

Leading innovation, together

With a blend of scientific and business know-how, our diverse, dedicated team works in close collaboration to develop and deliver innovative bioprocessing solutions for our clients.

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