Livit ACE

A continuous manufacturing platform with superior productivity, scalability, automation, and stability versus existing technologies.

CellRev’s patented bioprocess technology is founded on the ability to continuously grow, detach, and then collect adherent cells. Our proprietary media additive ContinuaseTM keeps cell detachment equal to growth rate to allow steady state operation at high cell densities.

Livit ACE, a complete bioprocessing solution, combines the best of CellRev’s proprietary processing technologies with Getinge’s expertise and equipment.

The platform is a solution to limitations and inefficiencies commonly associated with existing cell culture processes

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A breakthrough in adherent cell expansion

Livit ACE outperforms traditional batch processes while maintaining cell functionality


Process technology validated with cells grown on both microcarriers and flat surfaces.


Continuous operation achieved for 60 days with high cell yield and viability.


Sustained quality with collected cells demonstrating ability to re-adhere, maintain doubling time, phenotype, and differential potential.

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CellRev’s proprietary media additive ContinuaseTM facilitates a controlled rate of cell detachment in adherent cell culture processes.

ContinuaseTM is a mixture of natural enzymes which facilitates the controlled detachment rate of adherent cells. When added to cell culture media as part of CellRev’s patented continuous bioprocess technology, ContinuaseTM keeps the detachment rate equal to growth rate to allow steady state operation.

This product is specifically designed for use as part of the Livit ACE process and is not sold separately.

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The offering covers standard application development, equipment, technology transfer, commissioning and training support. It is a cost-effective alternative to expensive process development and complex technology selection.