Breakthrough solutions to enable cost-effective and scalable cell culture

CellRev provide solutions to cell-based vaccine, therapy, and drug developers to enhance the efficiency of manufacturing processes. Our products and associated protocols address significant bottlenecks including aggregation, clumping, and cell detachment.

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Media Additives

CellRev’s proprietary media additives are designed to enhance cell culture efficiency. All products are supplied with standard protocols to aid with trial and workflow adoption.

CellRev's processing solutions increase cell yield, mitigate cell death, and permit cell detachment without impacting cell functionality.

Process Development

CellRev provide tailored process development services to unlock bottlenecks in adherent cell culture workflows.

In combination with the company's media additives, CellRev utilise upstream process development expertise and experience to remove bottlenecks, enhance productivity, and future-proof customer workflows.

Find out how CellRev can support your upstream process development and optimise existing workflows.

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Cell-to-cell adhesion of mammalian cells is what cells are supposed to do, but can be quite detrimental to bioprocessing, upstream and downstream, …

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