Bioprocessing technology

that drives progress to scale a new food system to advance lifesaving treatments that unlocks potential

Leading in continuous cell culturing technologies

Our Technology


Whether developing a new sustainable food system or a lifesaving cell therapy, CellRev provides the technology that can make a difference. 

Our innovative cell expansion technology is founded on the ability to continuously grow, detach, and collect adherent cells.  A proprietary cell detachment process is complemented by a specially designed bioprocess; together, they pose an altogether unique cell manufacturing solution. 

How it works


Our innovative technology offers a unique solution to expanding cells expansion with multiple industry applications in the fields of Cellular Agriculture and Biopharma.

Cultured Meat & Seafood

Cultivated meat & seafood producers face countless scalability challenges, particularly as they strive to achieve price-parity with conventionally grown meat products.

The technologies developed by CellRev will be of critical importance in establishing cultivated meat as a realistic, viable, and attractive alternative to factory farming, meeting the world’s growing demand for food.

Cell Therapies

Progress continues to be made in allogeneic cell therapies, but with supply bottlenecks projected, it is still unknown how many of these life-saving solutions will make it to market in the coming years.

Our automated closed-loop system has the potential to provide superior cell expansion solutions in the years ahead.



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The team

Leading innovation, together

With a blend of scientific and business know-how, our diverse, dedicated team works in close collaboration to develop and deliver the innovative biotech solutions needed for the 21st century.

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