CellRev Launches Its Proprietary Media Additive, AggreGuard™

CellRev launches its proprietary media additive AggreGuard™ which prevents aggregation of adherent cells and increases cell yield in existing VERO processes

CellRev, the bioprocessing company revolutionising continuous mammalian cell manufacturing, has launched its proprietary media additive AggreGuard™ to prevent the aggregation of microcarrier-supported cells in adherent cell culture. AggreGuard™ is a mixture of enzymes that has been specifically developed for use in Vero protocols, preventing microcarrier-cell aggregation, increasing culture duration and improving cell yield. AggreGuard™ is available in multiple formats and can potentially be optimised for different workflow needs.

VERO cells are a continuous lineage of cells used in cell cultures that can be replicated through many cycles of division without ageing. VERO cells are often used as host cells for growing viruses, for example, the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Sinovac Biotech. However, VERO processes, or more broadly microcarrier protocols, are very susceptible to aggregation which can result in batches ending prematurely and significant cell death.

CellRev has demonstrated that AggreGuard™ can increase cell yield within existing VERO protocols by preventing the aggregation of microcarriers, with up to 75% cell yield increase using a commercial VERO cell line seeded on Corning® Untreated microcarriers. AggreGuard™ was added 72h post-seeding to the culture media facilitating cell growth in multilayers on the microcarriers for 60 days without aggregation, and from day 5 microcarriers were shown to aggregate without AggreGuard™.

AggreGuard™ is microbially derived so it is free from human or animal components and undergoes a rigorous screening process to ensure consistency in enzymatic activity. It is available in Research grade with a GMP grade in the pipeline. Alongside every sale of AggreGuard™, CellRev provides a protocol to assist with internal process development and can provide bespoke support if required.

Chris Green, Chief Executive Officer at Cell Rev said: “As part of our recent study, we were able to demonstrate the potential to improve existing Vero protocols using our proprietary reagent, AggreGuard™. We already have shipments making their way to various parties across the US and Europe. Whilst we have evidence to support the use of AggreGuard with VERO cells, it has been fascinating to hear from customers who wish to trial AggreGuard for several use cases including bead-to-bead transfer and as an anti-clumping regent in HEK293 and CHO processes.  The reagent is relatively simple to trial as all customers receive a protocol from our team to assist with initial process development work.”

AggreGuard is available to buy now. Please email enquiry@cellrev.co.uk if you would like to explore pricing and options.

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